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Beep Beep Love


8/27/05 12:15 am

God, she has my hair now....she SO wants to be me.

7/28/05 08:45 pm - G'bye

Just felt like it was time to move on....come with me or no.


7/8/05 09:33 am - Googlisms....

lauren is taking her own pace about discussing her diabetes and pump with those who do not know her well

lauren is accused of teaching cannibalism to her american history class

lauren is not shy about voicing his frustrations with wall street

lauren is the center of attention on the couch

lauren is a fairly attractive woman who adopts a businesslike expression and countenance while working

lauren is extremely constipated

lauren is a happy pumper

lauren is bajar titfucking video

7/7/05 09:08 am

Ms. Lesly, your package is on it's way. Insured as requested :)

7/7/05 08:10 am

All my londoneers, I really hope you're okay. God, this is terrible...

7/6/05 11:50 am

I'm sick...like, puke sick. Like sore neck, headache, nausea sick in a non-meningitis sorta way. I feel like the floor of a taxi-cab (favorite ghostbuster hook) Send me love, kisses and yarn.

6/28/05 09:46 am

My journal looks like 1970's appliance graveyard. I need a new look. Who want's to help? Maybe a handmade goody in store for your services....

6/27/05 08:22 pm - I hate being broke....

I want this pattern sooooo badly!!!!


6/14/05 11:35 am - To all my fellow LWP's (ladies without packages)

This post is for all the dear and lovely ladies who have the misfortune of partaking in wantyousobad 's various "sales" There is something we can do about it. What she's done is called mail fraud. If we all file, we can get something done about it! Sista's unite! Leave a comment with your aim ID (if you have one) If you don't have one, GET ONE, they're FREE! Stay tuned, I'll let you know what time the chat will be. Thanks <3

Oh yeah, and spread the word, thank yas!

Tonight at 10 pm est lovelies! If you can't make it let me know so I can fill you in on the details!

6/10/05 10:57 am

Who's up for a dieting with me? Ten pounds...I need support!
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